NIKE and Givenchy third collaboration

Recently, Nike announced with Givenchy (Givenchy) designers Ricardo embankment West (Riccardo Tisci) re-launch sports series. Let's talk about why they are three degrees of cooperation, as well as the style of shoes.

This is the third and Riccardo Tisci NikeLab cooperation, first teamed up in 2014 the Air Force 1, the second is just released last month, basketball shoes NikeLab Dunk Lux High.

2016 NIKE X Givenchy: Training Redefined

Mark Parker how to make Nike always maintain the vitality of entrepreneurship

Nike CEO Mark Parker, Nike called the "number of start-up companies," the assembly. Make a big holding company's entrepreneurial attitude, you might like to say Apple's Steve Jobs era has heard. According to Harvard Business School professor Christensen in "subversive innovation" exposition, which is almost one of the hardest things in the business world.

What Nike worry? He believes that of the future, then where?

Until now, the company has not committed any wrong, but that does not mean that it has no fear of the future assured.

Nike CEO Mark Parker did not know how to treat Apple's new products, iPhone SE, but one thing may be the same: the tension compared to those pursuers, the company ranked first in the industry for their own what to do next, total to experience more choices, perhaps painful.

Nike Air Max represents reconciled only popular single product

From popular sports equipment into a single product, but the brand's global CEO Mark Parker said, visible air cushion and other hard science and technology is the Air Max origin.

This season, Bryant has been sent at least 30 pairs of shoes

Whenever the end of the game - Kobe Bryant's busy only just begun. This season, a lot of NBA players after the game will be to Ke Bisuo signature shoe, there are statistics that, this season, Bryant has sent out at least 30 pairs of shoes.

Kanye West wearing a pair of Yeezy Boost 550 new color

Adidas Yeezy Boost What action is the next step? Yeezy seems quiet for some time, but Kanye West himself has often been photographed on a variety of foot Write officially on sale, is still legendary Yeezy shoes.

Harel malicious torn down the referee, fear of being severely punished

Reports from, the Rockets general strike two days ago when Harel behalf of the Development League team affiliated valley snakes game, and other players of the conflict, during which he is impulsive, pulled down the front referee to stop him. Earlier today, the Commission issued a statement league referee, the referee found Harel deliberately pulled down, nature is very bad, but it is not clear that the development of alliances or the NBA, it will make what Harel punishment.

Nike king title can be maintained how long it?

Recently, the sports brand giant Nike company announced its third-quarter report, the data show that the company's third-quarter earnings below expectations, the first three months revenues ended February 29 rose 8% to $ 8.03 billion, ending the Nike company 14 consecutive quarters of earnings-than-expected momentum. After the news, Nike company's stock price fell 6 percent to $ 60.98 per share.


Kobe: will not be same as Michael Jordan comeback

Kobe Bryant will be sidelined at the end of the season shirts, the end of his legendary career, but when he said in an interview on the 25th, although there are many similarities between he and Michael Jordan, but not as back again like Jordan.

"From a competitive standpoint, I told Jordan is very similar," Kobe said, "but in fact we are completely different, so I would not come back." Jordan was in 1995, twice in 2001, announced his retirement after heavy back to the stadium.

Bryant gave Booker one pair of autographed shoes

Although the Lakers failed to take away a victory, but Bryant looks pretty good mood, the game he made five of 13 got 17 points, and the game will give his signature shoe sun rookie German - Booker.

German - Booker is the sun in 13 overall pick in this year's rookie, has a very good projection capabilities and breakthrough speed, is optimistic about the outside world has become a new term Suns leaders. In addition, he was a fully-fledged "Bryant fans." Not long ago, he expressed hope that his retirement when Bryant is now able to enjoy the treatment.


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